Do you have to have the TV too loud for others?

    Do you struggle to hear in noisy situations?

        Do you suffer from hearing loss?

            Do you miss words in conversations?

                Do you have excessive ear wax? 

                    Do you suffer from Tinnitus?     



The Sounds of Tintinus

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sounds similar to those experienced by sufferers of tinnitus

Symptoms of tinnitus. Ringing-in-the-ears or a fullness-of-the-head sensation are the most common symptoms of tinnitus. While ringing is the most common experience, the noise can also sound like a buzzing, hissing or whizzing sound. It can range from a low pitch to a high pitch and may be soft or loud at times.

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Meet Robin Gordon:

Robin is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. He is one of the most qualified hearing specialists on the islands of Malta and Gozo.

His services at Hear Again include:

Full hearing assessments
Hearing health screening
Microsuction ear wax removal
Tinnitus consultations
Invisible hearing aids
State of the art hearing devices
Hearing aid servicing
Ear defenders and ear moulds

We offer the best hearing aids available

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